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Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Call Air Essentials in Knightdale, Wake Forest, Garner & Raleigh, NC for Air Conditioning Repair Services Today

North Carolina can get hot and humid in the summer months. If your air conditioner goes out, it can get pretty miserable, really quick. Don't sweat - Air Essentials can help with air conditioner repair. We'll make your home an oasis in the midst of a sweltering, never-ending summer. We'll troubleshoot your air condition issue and update you on the best plan of action going forward. If we think installing a new cooling system is in your best interest, we'll go over your replacement options with you.

It's amazing what can stop an air conditioner from running. This small bug (photo right) cause one of our customers unit to malfunction.

Get Fast and Affordable Air Conditioning Repair

You want your air conditioning to do what it's meant to do, keep you cool. Look for these warning signs to see if you need Air conditioning repair:

  1. High Utility Bills
  2. AC unit is blowing warm air instead of cold
  3. Strange noise coming from your unit
  4. Ice in or on your outdoor unit
  5. Water spots on your ceiling

If you notice any of these signs, call Air Essentials to help repair your AC unit in Knightdale, Wake Forest, Garner & Raleigh, NC