Air Conditioning in Knightdale & Raleigh, NC

Quality AC Makes a Difference

Quality AC Makes a Difference

Hire us for AC repairs in Knightdale or Raleigh, NC

When it's 95 degrees with 85% humidity, being outdoors can be brutal. Find comfort in your home with a reliable air conditioning system.

Air Essentials, Inc offers AC installations and repairs when you need them most. Whether you're dealing with a faulty unit or need a new system altogether, you can count on our experts to provide you with the comfort you need.

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Professional services. Quality results.

North Carolina summers can get pretty hot, so you don't want to go without a reliable air conditioning unit. Turn to Air Essentials when you need a:

  • New AC installation - we'll walk you through your system options and install the best unit for your space.
  • AC repair - trust us to arrive quickly and provide the repairs needed to get your unit back up and running again.
  • AC replacement - when your unit goes out completely, we'll take it out and replace it with a unit that works.

We'll make sure your home is cool and comfortable all year long. Speak with an expert today to learn more.