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As the seasons change, so do the needs of your heating and cooling units. To make sure your HVAC system works as it should year-round, reach out to Air Essentials, Inc today. We provide top-notch HVAC maintenance services in Knightdale, Wake Forest, Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas. You can count on us to keep your heating and A/C in tip-top shape.

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hvac maintenance in knightdale nc

Details about our Customer Assurance Program

Program Benefits:


  • Fewer breakdowns & repairs
  • Priority over non-maintenance customers on any breakdowns
  • 10% discount on any required repairs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduces utility bills
  • Improves indoor comfort
  • Ensures equipment safety
  • No overtime rates


Tasks Performed:




  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Test heat/cool temperature outputs
  • Wash/change air filters (customer provided)
  • Oil motors (if required)
  • Inspect & tighten electrical connections
  • Test motor amperage & voltage
  • Inspect/clean indoor and outdoor coils (if accessible)
  • Inspect condensate drain(s)
  • Test contactors, switches, relays, motors & controls
  • Inspect blower wheel
  • Check defrost cycle (heat pumps only)
  • Flush condensate drain line (if required) 
  • Gas furnace- check for heat exchanger cracks
  • Clean & adjust burners on gas furnaces (if required)


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